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The Thug Life


Though Spider-Man was apparently good at inventing, she’d never even heard of his inventions. Although, to be fair, she’d barely heard of him at all, save for his being mentioned during her stay in Avengers Tower, and that one news guy who thought he was a menace. “So, you’re an inventor, but you decided it was more fun fighting bad guys?” she asked.

So Spider-Man’s comment that may have been flirting but also may have not been was returned with Taryn’s comment that may have been flirting but also may have not been. She was watching him, alternating between out of the corner of her eye and straight on, looking for his reaction but not wanting to seem like she was watching him too carefully.

She had forgotten how tall the Avengers Tower was and how long the elevators took to ascend. She thought she knew that scratching the back of one’s head was a sign of nervousness, and she wondered as Spider-Man did so if he was bothered by the amount of time they were spending together, not getting any work done. But then he started stammering out a question, and she frowned slightly, trying to figure out what he was saying. It took a while, but a semi-coherent sentence finally came out.

"Oh!" she said, brightening. "Of course!" Then she stopped herself. "Wait," she said, rather awkwardly. "Do you mean just… doing somethingor date something? Because I mean either one… would be…” She looked away, reddening. Looked back again. “I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed…. it would be fun… I think…” She grimaced. “Unless I’m totally terrible and awkward… liiiike I am right now.” She promptly looked away.


"Well, not exactly." Again with the nervous neck scratching. Talking about his uncle had always been something of a painful point for Peter, but it seemed as though he was in similar company when it came to painful memories in regards to one”s family, "I do what I do because, well, I have a responsibility. There have been times where I would have liked nothing more than to stop being Spider-Man. But I have this power and, with it, an obligation to use it to help other people.”

Peter was rather glad for the distraction of Taryn’s similarly awkward response, as well as his mask which covered up his blushing cheeks. “I was, well, thinking a date something.” He held out his hands, “Oh no, you’re not terrible or awkward! H-honestly, I think you’re really… really sweet.” And then it was the web-head’s turn to look away.

Almost as if on cue, the ‘ding!’ of the elevator reaching its intended floor provided a convenient distraction. The doors slid open and Peter wandered out. It was pretty quiet, but then that was usually the case when it wasn’t getting blown up by supervillains and alien invasions. Banner and Stark were probably tinkering in the labs and Clint and Natasha… well, they were Clint and Natasha.

They reached the door, the wall crawler cocking his head towards it, “Here’s my room. Or it would be if I ever bothered to use it. It’s yours until I can get you better accommodation-” Peter paused, as if remembering something, and tilted his head, “Wait, what did you mean before about ’doing something’?”


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The Thug Life


We’ll figure it out. You won’t be alone in this. They were strange words to hear, and it was almost as if they were in a foreign language she barely understood. She thought she knew what he was saying, but it couldn’t really be that, could it? There must have been some other meaning behind it, like it was a figure of speech. But it wasn’t, it obviously wasn’t. So Taryn smiled, but it was a hesitant one.

Still, the comment about how he relaxed made her laugh lightly, though it occurred to her a little late that it may not have been a joke. Her eyes went a little wide, and, trying to distract him from her possible blunder, she said, “What’s a good book? I’ve mostly just read nonfiction. You know… history, philosophy (which isn’t fun), stuff like that.” The things Taryn’s parents made her read.

She followed him into the area, wondering absently where they were going. When he showed her his wrist, she leaned forward, examining it with an interested eye. Though she wasn’t an inventor per-say, she had made enough odd contraptions to be impressed by the design. “That’s really… ingenious,” she said after a moment.

Her eyes flashed back up to him quickly at the comment about his luck, surprise on her face. Was that… flirting? She couldn’t tell. He could just be being nice. Without knowing that information for sure, she didn’t know how to react. She tried to think as quickly as possible, finally settling on the truth. “I’d say the same for myself,” she said with a small smile. “Usually, anyway.”


"Thanks!" Peter said, awfully proud of the devices. They had gotten him out of more than a few jams in the past. Of course, they were about the only thing he had to show for all his so-called ‘genius’. He often lamented that so much of his time was spent beating up bank robbers and car jackers and not spent actually doing thihe enjoyed. There were quite a few things that Peter wanted to research, but his responsibilities came first.

But rather than worry about his lack of free time, the web-head decided it would be far more productive to worry about the present. Had he just tried to flirt with the mutant super soldier sharing the elevator with him? And had she maybe flirted back? It wasn’t clear, at least not to him, and Peter silently cursed his complete and utter lack of suaveness and social grace. Why did Stark get to be a complete science geek and date gorgeous women? The world was not fair.

Peter glanced up at the display above the elevator doors showing what floor they were currently on, idly scratching the back of his neck. “So, uh, if, well, after this whole thing is over would you, I don’t know, maybe, possibly be interested in… doing something at some point… and some place… in the future?” Inwardly, he sighed. Not fair. Not fair at all.


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Team White: Betrayal | Aboard the Peak || Tyler, Kitty, Eros, Cassie, Genis, Peter






There it was, in the way that Eros’ light tone matched Tyler’s, a certain tension in his eyes, or his energy: Eros knew. And Kitty, asking for them to have their private meeting somewhere hardly private, somewhere they could quickly summon help from — Kitty had the sense to know not all was well. She might not be aware of what the message had contained, but she was wary. Although young, she wasn’t naive, not when it counted. 

Hoping that this was it, that there would be no more surprises, hoping that he would continue to be able to trust these two, Tyler gave them both a small nod of gratitude that they had come out here with him without question. The corridor they were in seemed sterile, quiet other than the hum of the ship, and there were portholes on both sides. To port, Earth was gleaming beautifully, but Brandt couldn’t let himself get distracted in looking at it. Turning to the others, he stood with his usual relaxed, informal attitude — although he stood somewhat between them and the door, unconsciously betraying his desire to protect them, whether or not he could, if they knew enough to read such a thing. He was close enough to Eros to be able to shield him if anything happened, which felt natural to Tyler. He told himself that he regarded the young man as a brother, and that that was where the instinctive desire to protect him came from. There wasn’t time to ponder any other explanation.

Glancing over, he met Eros’ eyes. I know that you know, the silent communication said, and I’m sorry. 

In an instant, this entire ordeal had gone from the Children’s Fun Fact Science Corner to Game of Thrones. Luckily for them, Tyler didn’t think that the team would fold under the pressure of one dissident, whatever the Skrull might say to them. Cassie and Peter were good people with bright minds and strong hearts; they wouldn’t break under the pressure, no matter how intense it might get. Brandt believed in them. Those two, along with Kitty and Eros, were genuine heroes. This wasn’t going to get them down.

And Genis?

I hope he’s alright. 

What he didn’t know was that at that moment, Genis had left the company of Cassie and Peter, exiting through the other door.

"I just received this from Agent Coulson," Brandt said softly, handing the tablet to Kitty first, since Eros already knew. The message from SHIELD was simple: they believed that Genis was a Skrull and were requesting that he be immediately detained or at least stopped, by whatever means necessary. The implication of those words was depressing, but hopefully it wouldn’t come to anything drastic, nothing too violent. He gave Kitty a moment to read the communique, then looked from her to Eros, then back to Kitty. How they handled this might make all the difference. "This is your show," he told Kitty with a nod of respect, "and I will back whatever play you want to make. My advice would be that we immediately put the entire station on silent lock-down and advise the CO of a potentially dangerous intruder — that we do it right now, before we go talk to Genis. This message could be bull," he admitted with a slightly quirked eyebrow, "but it seems we don’t have a margin for error. We act too slowly, spend too much time talking about what to do, and that time’s just a gift given to the Skrull." 

Brandt had spoken quickly, clearly, and with his characteristically soft voice, an oddly gentle tone considering the situation. They needed to decide what to do and to act quickly — whether that meant alerting the station and then going to simply tell the others and question Genis or not. His frustration was well-hidden. This wasn’t the time to explore feelings, it was a time for honest communication and decisive — though not necessarily aggressive — action. 


Kitty’s eyes widened as she read over Coulson’s message. Her features remained calm, though, as she thought over what the best course of action would be. She couldn’t show any sign of panic to her teammates. But inside, her slowly-built-up paranoia and anxiety were on overdrive. 

"Those are good ideas, Agent Brandt. The main control room is just on the other side of that door." She pointed to the other side of the corridor. "There are at least a dozen SWORD agents in there. You can tell them to put the station in silent lockdown, while Eros and I go and deal with Genis as best we can. We’re going to need your backup pretty soon, either way."

She hated using the phrase “deal with”, but she couldn’t really think of a better one. This confrontation had no chance of going smoothly whether he was a Skrull or not. Genis was unstable, to say the least, and wouldn’t react well if he was falsely accused. But if he truly was a Skrull, then what?

"Eros, I think your powers are going to come in handy here. Can you keep everyone it that room calm while we do this? We’re going to have to use whatever equipment we have. I think Cassie had some very good ideas, I just hope she’s put something together by now that will be functional. Have you sensed anything different in Genis’s empathic readings…?"

Her train of though was thrown off course when she happened to glance through the window in the door which led back to the lab/conference room where they had left the others behind. There had been three people in there when Kitty had suggested they speak in private. And now there were only two.

"Genis isn’t in there anymore." She said quietly, pointing through the small window.


If Eros’s mind was racing before, it went into overdrive the moment Agent Brandt met his eyes. There was no doubt in the Eternal’s mind now that “Genis” was a Skrull (which was actually quite foolish if he were to stop for a single second to think about it: this was technically no confirmation of his suspicions in any way other than that someone else suspected it, too).  He suppressed his empathy as if dusting off his hands – but his feeling of vindication lasted for paltry few seconds before the seething anger kicked in – then thatwas smothered by sudden terror; the kind that drove people to run because they had to do something, anything. Genis had been overpowered. Captured; probably even hurt. The Titan’s heart joined the race too and he used his superior height to peer over Kitty’s shoulder to see the message.

To see that confirmation in text forced a wordless noise of frustrated, not-quite-anguished exclamation out of the Avenger. It wasn’t fair that he felt this way about Elysius’s children. The kind of protective love made him feel like an adult was so foreign to the ancient being, but it made choices very easy: this had to be pursued immediately.

He half-listened to Kitty, their leader, while formulating his own plan in his head. His powers – his other powers! They’d worked on Skrulls before, and had worked on Genisbefore (sort of), and that way on the off-chance that this actually was Genis (which Eros found himself actually hoping now as opposed to this whole time before: he’d far rather have Genis pissed off at him than in peril), he wouldn’t be hurt and wouldn’t be driven to the point of, say, blowing up The Peak.

When Kitty then shared what she’d just found out by looking through the window, Eros responded with a deep inhale and slow sigh through his nose. “He knows,” Eros declared. “If it’s Genis, he’s using his Cosmic Awareness. If it’s a Skrull, they can guess well enough that they’ve been found out. And as we all know, ‘Genis’ has been refusing to use his Cosmic Awareness,” Eros spoke smoothly with that same amusement in his voice that he usually had, in stark contrast to his tight-jawed, scowling face.

“I don’t think they need help staying calm. They’re just fine – all trained for this. But I’m sure the Skrull is quite stressed. No doubt he could use some … relaxation.” It was spoken like a threat, but a threat from Starfox, which sounded more like a promise in that soothing, cheeky musical tone. “It works against Skrulls. It can work against Genis if he doesn’t see it coming. Trying to use it on him will give us the answer either way,” he said, opening the door back into the room with Cassie and Peter before turning to face it gracefully. The smile on his face was cheery and gentle as he unleashed his empathy once more, allowing the tension and fear and the amusement and hunger and confusion in from everywhere, searching for that anxiety wafting in the air somewhere in the wake of Genis’s abrupt exit.

It was strong, too, like a panic attack – but it was also a little warped – just a little – not quite exactly Genis, almost like flickering in and out – though that could have just been Eros projecting.

Either way he followed it. He followed it like a dog tracking a scent, which led him out to one of the cramped corridors of the space station. The panic grew stronger and more defined as less people were around – or maybe that was just him again. He would find out where his son was even if he had to put the Skrull in a coma to do it. It was a horrible thing to think; horrible enough that Eros caught himself – but in the split second he pondered it, he came to the same conclusion. ‘Not a permanent coma’ was all he could get himself to correct it to.

But if this was Genis, Eros was going to be really mad. And so relieved … and feel a bit guilty, too. But he just knew it wasn’t, he knew it, and dealing with this impostor was the simplest and easiest step to take. 


Something was going on and she hadn’t been informed of it yet. She could see it as soon as she had stepped into the conference room, no one had formally named it that though but it seemed to sort of fit. Cassie hated being kept in the dark. She hated being treated like a kid. Whenever she dealt with SHIELD Agents they treated her like she was a kid and didn’t know any better and it always made her insides boil with anger. With the exception of a few she was willing to bet that they had never been through what she had regardless of her age. Only a few Agents treated her as an equal and she was grateful for that. But right then she wandered if she was going to be informed to whatever was going on. She was after all a part of the Team so she was going to be informed. 

Clutching her file to her side she tilted her head to the side her face a mask of confusion. She listened to Genis as he stammered out his suspicions. Before she even had a chance to reply he had pushed past her, a bit roughly and exited the room. A frown creased her forehead as she watched him leave. Was he alright though? She doubted that. As long as she had known him he had always been cool, calm and collected no matter what the situation. Turning her attention back to the web-slinger in the room she tried to hide a smile that threatened to cross her face. He was rambling a bit but it was understandable. Lifting her right shoulder in a shrug she answered his question. “I may have a few facts and figures.” She glanced down at the file she had before looking up again. “But I really want to run them by the others as well and I think it should be best if all of us are present. I really have no strength to explain this more than once.” 

Motioning for him to follow her outside with a light inclination of her head, she walked out of the room, and over to where she could see the other three of her Team Members. Walking up she could feel nervousness and uncertainty creeping up in her but she quickly dismissed them. She could deal with them later, right now she had to have her head screwed on straight for this. “Guys! I’m really sorry for interrupting you but I have something that I think might help.” Opening her file she quickly took out the papers she had printed out carefully. “Although I highly doubt that.” She added under her breath as she took out her papers and held them out for each member to take. “And it would be very nice if you share whatever message SHIELD has sent us.” She added nodding towards the tablet that Kitty was still holding. It was just a guess but the way the three of them had been talking, grim expressions on their faces she knew that it had something to do with something SHIELD had sent them. As if realizing that Genis wasn’t with them she look up and down the corridor. “I should probably go get Genis for this as well.” She turned as if to go and find when she felt someone grasp her arms pulling her back. She turned around to look at whoever had stopped her, her lips parted as if she were about to say something but stopped as soon as she saw the look on Eros, Shadowcat’s and Agent Tyler’s faces. She gulped, suddenly feeling nervous. She knew that look. She somehow knew that those looks didn’t ever mean good news, but that didn’t stop her from letting the question jump to her tongue, slipping out from between her lips.



Panic. Panic, unadulterated and in control moved Genis’ legs forward further. Further through corridors that all looked the same. Agents glanced at him, noting his panic, noting their suspicions as they called it in; he was not moving unnoticed. 

The elevator was too confining, too small, he couldn’t stomach the thought of it. The alien took the stairs. Up and up and up to the observation deck. The hairs on his neck stood as he got higher and higher, his breathing slowed down, Genis’ pulse beat less erratically. He was running but he was calm and the promise of the observation deck’s great glass window called him like siren song. Freedom, escape, open space. 

Would’t they be mad? Wouldn’t they suspect him? he asked himself. No, no, no time to think about that. Only time to get away from here where he wasn’t safe. What if they came after him? What if they attached him? He knew that he’d need to protect himself if they did. Humans never showed mercy, they were cruel, violent creatures, the apes would surely kill him if they even had the slightest suspicion. And Eros had joined then, was working with them probably to hunt him down right now because he was scared. Genis thought back tears as he climbed. 

Unbeknownst to him the alarm was going out secretly on Genis-Vell, the team had been informed as had the agents now, he would soon be over run and be forced to react. S.W.O.R.D would be quiet and calculating, the team of heroes would be tasked to go first, hoping that Eros could disarm the situation before it turned ugly. If their suspicions were true then they would have a prisoner to interrogate, if not they would have one less person to suspect. Only seven billion more to go after that.

What he didn’t know, what Genis’ conciousness wasn’t telling him was that he knew that the observation deck with it’s proximity to the escape pods was his best chance of escape. Something dark, something twisted inside him was pointing him in the direction of escaping at any cost. 


The wall crawler eyed Eros as the Titanian looked into the room. Peter was curious about the man, never really having more than idle conversation with him. However, the whole ‘Skrull Hunt’ was giving the Eternal’s usually charming grin something of a manic edge. It seemed that no one was immune to the paranoia that was steadily seeping into every inch of the station’s hull.

"Sure, why not." Peter sighed, reluctantly rising from the table and leaving his work behind to follow after Cassie. He figured she would go to find Eros, and Brandt, and he really wanted no part of it. However, considering he was on the team, the web-slinger supposed it might be necessary. All of the whispered conversations, the being silently left out, it just reminded him too much of his Midtown High days. Leave it to the Skrulls to diabolically trick everyone back into a high school mentality.

He had been feeling particularly pleased with himself of late, having managed to avoid frothing at the mouth, pointing at people, and howling ‘SKRULL!’ at the top of his lungs. Then again, he had the luxury of his Spider-Sense. A handy little gift from the radioactive spider that bit him, allowing him to sense imminent danger before it occurred. If there was a Skrull traitor on board, he’d sense them before they had a chance to double-cross the rest of the team. He hoped.

Approaching the rest of his teammates, Peter crossed his arms and asked, “Trading notes? Why don’t you share with the whole class.”


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Happy Birthday to Me



"…this is a valid point.."

"Really? Uh, er, I mean-I’m glad I could offer some wisdom. Oh, and Happy Birthday."

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The Thug Life


Taryn was glad that Spider-Man wasn’t asking questions about her sudden reactions to smiling. Of course he had noticed, but he moved on. The web-swing ride there was a little dizzying. The earthmover had spent a lot of time flying around on rocks, but it was an altogether different experience swinging. It was faster and jerkier. One moment they would be falling very quickly towards the ground, and then they would swing up again. The web would detach, Spider-Man would attached another one, and once again they’d go falling-swinging along. 

For a few moments Taryn had just closed her eyes, but after they hadn’t smashed into the ground she decided it was safe.  Looking at the web shooters, Taryn asked him, “How do you not run out of that as you go?”

The lobby was a familiar sight to her, and she followed him as he walked, chewing on her lower lip as he talked about not running forever. “I know, but…” She hesitated. “I don’t know how to face them. They’d send my brother after me. And maybe others.”


"We’ll figure it out. You won’t be alone in this." Reaching the elevator doors, Peter tapped the little button with an arrow pointing up, leaning against the wall as nonchalantly as possible while waiting. "And it’s nothing that has to happen tonight. I’m sure you’ve probably had more than enough excitement for one night. I know after I get shot at by a bunch of thugs, I like to relax and unwind with a bath, a good book, and some chamomile tea."

With a little friendly ‘ding’ the elevator doors opened and he stepped on, waiting for Taryn to join him before pressing one of the many buttons, specifically the one for the floor his room was on. As the door closed and the elevator began to ascend, the web-slinger pulled one of his gloves off to show her the mechanical device he wore on his wrist. “You were asking how I don’t run out before? Well, I’ve had a few years to tinker with the recipe for my web fluid to get the most out of it.”

"Plus, I always carry a few spare web cartridges with me, just in case. My luck’s not the best." Peter looked over at Taryn, a smile forming under that mask, "Well, usually, anyway."


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Happy Birthday to Me


…another year older…


One year older means another year you’ve avoided being killed by a maniac in a stupid costume. … Or maybe that’s just me.

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Encroachment | Logan & Peter


Settling into a comfortable slanted recline using the kitchen island counter’s smooth curved edge to balance against, Logan observed the webslinger going from cupboard to cupboard, urged on by an empty stomach whose gurgled complaints he had quietly heeded. As the water was being brought to a boil the subject of their conversation turned from general banter to serious discussions, all humour evaporating in the same fashion as the simmering liquid. “Got the big wigs stumped too? Just our luck.”

Randomly Logan placed his right hand on the forearm of his other limb, utilising the heel of his hand to alleviate a gentle itch that had chosen this exact moment to exert prominence, a motion that ironically skewed his facial expression towards the displeased end of bodily aspects, as if he thought his new title unfitting. And perhaps in a number of ways, he still did. “Can’t believe myself, kid.” Catching a whiff of the exotic aroma rising up from the pot as the dried parcel of food absorbed the water and released its flavourings into the mix, the Canadian stepped forward.

 Stretching on toe, Logan wanted to see results of the masked hero’s ready meal cooking, having sworn off heavily processed food in favour of fresh game and unmodified ingredients. The concept of cooking temporarily blocked out his concerns regarding the Skrulls, as the seesaw that was their mutual discussions dipped towards small talk once again. “Must be. Either that or it’s my actual mutant power, meaning th’ claws are just fer show.” A shallow chuckle welled up at his own joke, battling to shake off the feeling that the campus felt more populated than usual.

Peter chuckled a little himself, mildly surprised, “Was that a joke? Maybe this whole school thing is working for you, because apparently you’re finally developing a sense of humor.” The wall crawler had known Logan for a while, had fought beside him on numerous occasions, and was fairly certain that jocularity was not in the Canuck’s rerepertoire. His was more stabby stabby than jokey jokey.

He slowly stirred the noodles, watching as they slowly separated. It took a few minutes before they were ready and Peter tore open the little packet of flavoring, pouring it into the mix. More stirring followed, the ‘flavor dust’ turning the water from clear to a light brown soup. With rote skill, the webhead transferred the contents of the pot into a bowl. He was just sitting down to enjoy the finished product when there was a sudden roar and accompanying tremor of a nearby explosion.

Sighing, Peter set the fork into the bowl and pushed himself up from his seat. His stomach gurgled again but he ignored it, pulling his mask back down, “Wonderful. So much for a quiet visit. Come on, Ragin’ Canadian.” Hurrying out of the kitchen and down the hall, he whispered to himself, “Please don’t be Magneto. Please don’t be Magneto. Please don’t be Magneto.”

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Team White: Betrayal | Aboard the Peak || Tyler, Kitty, Eros, Cassie, Genis, Peter






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Things were changing, and not for the better. The team had been aboard the space station for less than twelve hours when Agent Brandt received a private communication from the surface. After putting in his authentication/recognition codes and deciphering the message, he read it over three times, expression grim. He was glad that he was in private as he read it, tucked away in the control room. After securely transferring the message to a tablet, he tucked it under his arm and walked out, heading off to find the rest of the team. Agent Brandt’s expression remained serious — although it almost always was, so that wasn’t much out of the norm — but his mind was growing very, very quiet, as it always did before any conflict, any battle. Some men worked themselves up with anger, some with laughter, some with excitement, but Brandt always found the quiet. He always sought peace before any discord, if he knew it was coming.

There were only so many ways this information he received could be taken, and none of them were going to be good. It was fitting, he thought, that it came while they were up here — so very, very far from home. Far from home, and in an enclosed space where, should anything go wrong, evacuation and retreat options were limited. Should structural damage occur to the space station itself, should it be destroyed,  he could well imagine that it could prove devastating to whatever it struck on the planet below. 


God, Earth. 

Tyler stopped walking near one of the portholes, looking down at the gleaming planet below. Green, white, and so very, very blue. When he heard that they were going to be coming up here, he had been secretly thrilled that he would be able to spend time in space, but at the same time, he’d known that he’d be leaving home behind in a way he’d never done before, even with his years at sea. Looking down through the small window, the thick glass, he could see massive cloud formations lazily spiraling over the Pacific ocean. Beautiful, he thought, with a soft sorrow. Beautiful, and so vulnerable. Life so often was. As he looked down, the scene felt oddly familiar, a sensation that he didn’t understand. He’d never been here before, never looked down at all of that life, those colors, never seen Earth from afar and felt this deep, passionate desire to protect it - but it was familiar. So very, very familiar.

Maybe, he thought, it’s just what anyone feels when they realize they’ll give up everything to protect it. To be a guardian. 

There was a soft sadness in the thought, but there was no regret. He looked down for another moment, thinking of Shae Wiley. Where was she? He hadn’t spoken to her since all of this madness began. Was she safe? Was she well? God, he hoped so. 

I love you, Shae Wiley, Brandt thought, looking down at the beautiful sphere. Oblate spheroid, he automatically corrected himself, years of celestial navigation making themselves known with annoying specific terms. Brandt sighed and turned away, continuing on his way down to meet the team. They already had a difficult task, but now that they had all of the physical data from the necropsy compiled, now that they had all of the available information on Skrull physiology and culture that could be had, all they had to do was solve the puzzle together —-

Together. That was the problem.

We’ll get through this, Brandt thought. One way or another, this will work. 

When he walked into the conference room that had been devoted to Team White’s research, Brandt’s calm gaze swept over the group. He was relieved to see Eros, whom he couldn’t help but feel a strangely deep affinity for, nearby. Also not far away was their leader, Kitty, the other person that Brandt wanted to talk to. 

He could feel the eyes on him as he walked in through the doors, but he retained his calm, kept the depth of quietness he carried inside. 

"Eros, Kitty, would you mind stepping aside with me?" Brandt asked them, his voice soft, not betraying any of his concerns. He may as well have been asking them to a picnic on a sunny meadow high on a mountainside, pleasant little patches of spring-snow all around them — or perhaps he could have been the mountain itself, for all its quietness, for its steadiness.

Kitty rubbed her eyes, as the strange, colorful patterns blossomed in the darkness behind her eyelids. She couldn’t remember the last time she had slept. Time was so confusing up in space, when one loses the illusion that the sun is actually rising and setting. The sun and the stars just sit there, unmoving, out in the blackness, while all the bustle and mayhem continues down on Earth. Kitty always had trouble keeping track of her sleeping schedule while she had been in space in the past, but it was even harder now. Now, when the fate of humanity depended on her and her teammates creating this impossible machine.

She and Eros were taking a short break from the research in the lab, to get what Kitty called “fresh air”, but what she really meant was a moment of quiet away from the constant banter and beeping machines going on in the lab. They had managed to splice some of the Skrull DNA - which was nothing like splicing any kind of genomes back on Earth - but it was so unstable that they just couldn’t figure out how to manipulate it any further. 

Kitty knew she was supposed to be the team leader, but she felt like she was doing a terrible job of it. Some of her teammates were virtual strangers, which made her miss her colleagues from the X-Men. She wished she had a trusted friend like Hank or Kurt who could give her some calming advice. But those people that she loved were back on Earth, and depending on her. But how could she lead this patchwork team when she barely even knew what day it was? And besides, how could she know that any of the other weren’t actually Skrulls? Good teamwork was built on trust. And in this situation, trust would be a weakness.

Footsteps. Kitty looked up to see who had entered the room. Agent Brandt was walking towards them, and she gave a small smile. His coolness in this situation calmed Kitty - or at least her heart rate - compared to her frantic thoughts. But then again, that could have just been Eros’ mood-o-meter powers helping her out.

His question made her pulse jump - what had gone wrong now? She knew there was something uneasy behind the tranquility of his voice.

“‘Of course, Agent Brandt,” she answered, standing up, “We could step into this corridor over here.” She gestured to the sliding door which led to a wide passageway, with portholes along each wall. It was private enough, but there were S.W.O.R.D. officers on the other side of the door at the other end, in case anything went…wrong. She couldn’t be too careful.


It hadn’t been particularly helpful. In fact it had probably been hindering him. Still, Eros kept his mental walls peeled back just a little bit as if maybe he could detect something anomalous about any of their feelings. It was hard because emotions tended to vary so widely from moment to moment, and of course what he could deduce was affected by his own mood – which was still quite sour.

He was personally not an expert in proteins or enzymes, or at least wouldn’t consider himself to be one, but his culture combined with his age and travels had granted him knowledge that turned out to be useful. He did have a knack for sudden ideas and on-the-spot problem solving, though said ideas and solutions weren’t always sound or correct. What his other teammates brought to the fold ranged from planning, something he could not do, to developing and implementing, to asking questions – they were a surprisingly good group, if not seemingly random at first.

The extrovert had to keep reminding himself to be on the lookout, especially when the group had fallen into a rhythm or had gotten comfortable. Eros, of course, had the nasty habit of trusting people (except with certain specific things), and assumed the best of them until proven otherwise. A part of him was even skeptical that if one of their team members was a Skrull, that Skrull was automatically bad. No one seemed to be muddling up the group’s progress.

But as much as he tried to stay optimistic, he couldn’t get rid of that uneasy feeling in his sternum, pretty much all spawning from Genis’s outright refusal to use his Cosmic Awareness. Eros was practically obsessing over it. When Kitty had announced she was going to take a break, Eros gladly followed along.

Being away from his godson, even if just by a room, actually helped. What an awful thing to think, but it was probably his fault anyway – Eros was causing the tension, to which Genis could only react (this all being based on emotions and body language as opposed to any spoken words or deliberate actions). If Eros had been less mad at Genis, maybe he’d be more aware of the fact that his own power could come in very handy right now, for two reasons: one, it worked on Skrulls and might be a way to loosen lips; two, everyone was tense and anxious and he could help them relax. Sometimes, though, anxiety led to action and high energy. If people were panicking it would have been different.

The thick reinforced metal served as a cushion of sorts, and he let himself relax. His spine and his jaw loosened and he ran a hand through his hair, pulling back what pieces had actually fallen into his face. Eyes got more hooded and hooded, falling, falling … and then snapped wide open again as he heard the automatic doors from the other side of the room slid open, and he felt someone else’s pit deep in their stomach. Tyler Brandt’s, to be exact. The empath knew it was Tyler because his worry was blanketed in a soft snow of calm; carefully buried in the cool and clean flakes of ice. Eros eavesdropped a little closer. Eros was able to glean from the subtleties of emotion that Tyler had just heard something that worried him. Packing on extra snow and confidence over that unease belayed that Tyler understandably did not want to worry the others.

Eros was not surprised, then, to turn around and see an easy look on Tyler’s face. He was pretty good at it. If Eros had been going about things normally right now, and if circumstances had not called for assuming any news was bad news, he most likely wouldn’t have the visceral reaction – the irrational voice in his head repeating I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Eros kept his tone light because he always kept his tone similar to or lighter than that of the person he was addressing, unless speaking to someone who deserved his impatience. When people were hiding their real feelings from others through the use of their tone of voice or body language – through acting, essentially – Eros made sure not to ruin it for them.

“Of course, Tyler,” was all that he could get himself to say, though, as he moved to follow the other two, swayed by his own anxiety that he was. 

When they were informed that they would be actually going into space, Cassie had been more than excited.

She had been thrilled!

But because of that particular emotion the blonde hadn’t been able to get any sleep the previous night so as soon as they were onboard she had asked where her room was and slumped on the bed, out cold. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep for that long but the sudden tiredness had been a bit too much for her. Maybe it was the excitement that was finally getting to her or just plain tiredness, but whatever it was she was grateful that she had gotten some sleep at least because what awaited her when she woke up demanded her full attention. 

After a nap that lasted several hours Cassie had woken up tousle-haired and bleary eyed to see her backpack on he floor where she had dropped it with the contents spilling out. Groaning she pushed herself off the bed, swinging her legs over the side and stood up. Yawning she stretched her arms and picked up the file that had slipped out of the bag. Rubbing her eyes she frowned as she plopped back down on the bed, trying to make out the blurry words written messily on the top of her file. As the temporary blackness faded from in front of her eyes she cursed under her breath. 

Suddenly she remembered why she had been so tired.

Ever since she had been to the crash sight Cassie had been pouring over the readings and her laptop like a possessed person. For two days straight she hadn’t slept properly and had practically lived off coffee. And she never even drank coffee! But she had a lot of research to do and it had gotten so intense that at some point the words appeared blurry on the screen and on her sticky notes, and her head throbbed constantly. But she ignored all of that and focused on the issue she had at hand. 

While at the crash sight her Frequency Measurer had been able to pick up some frequency that wasn’t possible. In their world at least. Scribbling it down she had gone home as soon as she could and begun her research. She knew that she should take her suspicions to her team leader Shadowcat but she wanted to be sure before she came forward with anything. It had taken longer than she had expected but the result was sort of satisfactory. 

The FM (Frequency Measurer) was designed in a way that it could pick up any or all Frequency that were not a part of the normal atmosphere. And by normal it meant the atmosphere of the Earth. Just like the ones from the shows where they used an FM that detected ghosts. Of course the more common frequencies were immediately discarded because they were somehow built in and with the atmosphere but the alien frequencies remained. Somehow these waves lingered and her FM was able to pick it up.

Every living thing had a nervous system and that nervous system gave off a particular electromagnetic frequency that was transmitted all over the body. This frequency was different for every part of the body. Humans had a particular Frequency that was connected to the Earth’s atmosphere. But the Skrull’s were from another planet. Their frequency was different. And it lingered. Why? Because the Earth atmosphere could not decipher or connect or place the frequency anywhere and left it where it was for a long period of time until, like every other frequency it just vanishes. Obviously being rather different it took awhile for it to disperse into the air. 

The blonde had made quite the small discovery when she had examined the Skrull body. The frequency of the Skrulls were different than the humans. And even though they could take up the human appearance and everything their brain activity was the same because their brain remained alien even though their appearance inside and out changed. How they were able to hide that from telepaths was a mystery though. Maybe they were able to hide it from the mutants and not from the machines. 

The average human brain frequency differed. It depended on what they were doing. One website talked about brainwaves, and how they are typically broken up into ranges, each range being associated with different mental states. 

Delta Range - 0.5 to 4 HZ (associated with deep sleep)

Theta Range - 4 HZ to 8 HZ (seen in dreaming sleep, and other mental states where the mind is wandering, like daydreaming and imagining) 

Alpha Range - 8 to 13 HZ (relaxed but awake)

Beta Range - 13 HZ to 30 HZ (normal awake state/aware)

Gamma Range - 30 HZ to 60 HZ (associated with consciousness and the situation)

And the best part, even dead the alien’s brain frequency lingered! She didn’t know how it was even possible. Its brain was supposed to be dead yet there were signs of a small amount of frequency.

It was very very hard to detect. She had roughly estimated the frequency to be 70Hz from the crash site and 1Hz from the dead Skrull. She did wish that they could capture a live Skrull to do an experiment.

Bottom line was that there was a way which they could use to detect the Skrulls with. All they had to do was design a device that could pick up the required frequencies easily. It would be just like building a normal FM but with different ranges. She really hoped her research wouldn’t go to waste.

Gripping the file between her hands Cassie made her decision. She had to tell her Team about this now. She wandered if she should’ve told them all this at first but thinking back she was sort of glad she didn’t because maybe it would’ve been proved as just a false hope and she really didn’t want to give people that. Quickly getting up she crossed the length of her room, and stepped out. Her steps confident and firm she made her way towards the meeting room, the file tucked safely under her arm.


The confines of the spacestation were no place for a spacefarer. The cold steel, narrow corridors, low ceilings, they all had a way of eating at you. Nibbling on the flesh, biting at the nerves. Soon you couldn’t concentrate, you’re brain was in overdrive searching for the ground that was not there and a sky that wasn’t either. Little matters like patience and second thought were forgotten, no longer seen as a priority by the frightened mind. That was what the young Kree was feeling.

The suspicious gaze of his elders gnawed at him in the hours he’d spent among them. On the space station wariness of the Skrull threat became hostility towards anyone that you do not know, and if you did you clung onto the hope that they were not; always keeping a gun close to hand though, just in case. The fearful, the ignorant, always suspected the different first, Genis was looked at with only absolute distaste. To them he was infection, the ship the body, and they were white blood cells; their purpose to eradicate him. All they needed was the opportunity.

Eros, his closest ally here, had turned cold towards him. Their experiences together since this threat had presented itself had been less than pleasent. Cutting into the trust that they’d developed and maintained, as family, for the few years that Genis had lived. He felt lost without his counsel. He walked the hallways mostly alone except for Cassie who he could have been kinder to.

Reinforced steel doors separated the rooms from one another, security drones guarded the corridors. Their arm mounted canons made him uneasy. He remained in the conference room for much of that passed, there they were alone, there prying eyes were familiar at least. The body had been removed from the lab, escorted out by SHIELD personnel once it’s uses had been made. The Kree had been virtually useless in their task, supplying personal anecdote and experience only. His decision not to use his awareness had been made clear. He swore by that he would not become reliant on it, to the displeasure of his team.

Footsteps, Brandt’s. Genis looked to him. He asked for Eros, Genis suspected … something. He wasn’t sure what. A dark feeling fell over him like clouds hiding away the sun, curiosity and foreboding. He stood up gripping the back of his chair, and moved to the centre of the room, there he stood to wonder aloud. “I don’t like it. People going off on their own, it’s suspicious. Whatever they’re saying shouldn’t we all know? If it’s about the mission.”

"This is no time for personal matters. It has to be about the mission." jittery he continued. "And if they’re keeping stuff from us then why should we trust them? How can we? Cassie," he turned to the blonde as she came in, file in hand. "Cassie, good, you’re here." He talked to her as though Spider-Man were not there. "I’m worried. Eros, Kitty, Brandt, they’re talking alone. … You know me, I wouldn’t make accusations … but I feel uneasy. I think, I think I need air, time to process everything; being here. I-I’m sorry."

Pushing past her he charged out of the room. In the coridoor he picked up his pace. Through the portholes he could see the Earth and the stars, they were just a blur as he felt steel pushing down on him. His throat tightened, breathing became harder. “Can’t think, can’t breathe. Gotta keep moving, that’s all that makes sense. Can’t think, can’t breathe. Gotta keep moving, that’s all that makes sense.” 


While others brooded or worried, Peter tinkered. He was making use of S.W.O.R.D.’s impressive resources in the hopes of coming up with… something. What he would have given to have someone like Reed Richards or Hank McCoy around. Hell, he would even have taken Pym at this point. But he didn’t have them. Luckily, the webhead always seemed to be at his best when his back was against the wall. And tinkering always helped him to think, giving him an outlet for pent up energy so that his mind brain might be free to storm.

A glance up allowed the wall crawler to watch as Agent Brandt entered the lab and secreted away with Ms. Pryde and Eros. Another caught Genis’ sudden paranoia tantrum and subsequent flight from the room. Peter sighed and shook his head, looking over at Cassie with a mixture of confusion, empathy, and no small amount of frustration. It seemed as though everyone had decided that the best thing to do, when their entire world was in danger by alien invasion, was to become suspicious of everyone else. Because that would help.

"When the Skrull hunt went into full gear, you know what I decided to do, Cassie? I decided that I would treat everyone exactly the same as I always had before. ‘Human Until Proven Skrull’, that’s my motto. Unless they’re mutant. Or an alien. Or a robot. Let’s just go with ‘Non-Skrull Until Proven Skrull’. Doesn’t have the same ring to it though." Peter realized he was rambling and went quiet. He had foolishly worried beforehand that Cassie might feel even more overwhelmed, but then he realized that she had basically grown up around this stuff. That made him feel silly. And old.

"So, you got any ideas on how we can catch the body snatchers?"


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The Thug Life


It was strange to smile and to laugh, especially around strangers, but Taryn liked it. She hadn’t been seeing Genis much anymore, and he was really the only person who made her smile. He was actually the only person she talked to on a regular basis. The realization made her smile falter slightly. What was she doing wrong with her life? And then Spider-Man had to do more than just make her smile, but he complemented her and said that stuff, and she found herself wanting to cry. Because of it, she covered her eyes with a hand (eyes watered slightly, but no tears, so she was safe) and shook her head. “Yeah, sure. I will,” she managed to get out.

She shook herself. Snap out of it. Emotions are not for strangers to affect or see. She liked him though. She didn’t want him to be a stranger. Besides, getting to a place with less thugs was always a good idea, especially when those thugs were looking for her. “Okay. Let’s go,” she said. The whole being-carried thing was weird to her, but it would be stupid to use her powers at the moment.

When they had got to someplace relatively safer, Taryn turned to him. “So, um, what are we going to do? My plan was to disguise myself and try to never use my powers to attract attention. Also running.”


He frowned, perceptive enough to realize that she was struggling with something and wise enough to not interfere. If she wanted to talk about it, he was all ears, but he wasn’t going to pry into her personal business. Instead, Peter did his best to pretend he hadn’t seen anything. “Fantastic. Avengers Tower isn’t too far from here, at least not by web swinging. Hang on, it might take a little getting used to.”

There were a lot of things that Peter enjoyed about the whole ‘crime fighting’ thing. Clobbering bad guys and  saving gorgeous damsels in distress were definitely near the top, but the thing he loved most was the we swinging. Maybe it wasn’t quite as impressive as flying, but it was exhilarating nonetheless.

It only took a few minutes to reach the Tower, Peter deciding to just go through the lobby rather than taking his usual route, climbing in his room’s window. “Running always sounds like a good idea, but it never works. Believe me, I’ve tried. You can’t run forever. Eventually you’ve just got to face them.”


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Admittedly, Spider-Man’s description of protective custody did sound rather nice. He was talking about Avengers Tower, which she had actually lived in for a time, anyway. She was familiar with the place, and it wasn’t a prison. That’s what she had been expecting. And then, as he continued speaking, her expression changed into that of bewilderment as she realized he was intending to help her further. After she was out of immediate danger. “But,” she stammered. “It’s my problem.” Far from being possessive about it, Taryn just didn’t understand how he’d think to help her without even taking her along to help him. “…Why? I mean—I could—I could go with you. Help.”

And then he went on to promise, and at first her eyebrows just raised and she looked at him skeptically. But he kept going, and she couldn’t help herself; she laughed, which was a sound she hadn’t heard from herself in ages. And she was smiling, too. That was strange. 


Peter couldn’t help but smile. Laughter was a rare and precious thing to him, especially with the way his life had been going. He was glad he had managed to create a little. And it didn’t help that the young woman’s smile only made her seem that much more vibrant and lovely. “Well now, a smile like that almost makes it worth getting shot at tonight. I hope this means you’re willing to come with me now.”

It hadn’t entirely occurred to him that she could help, at least not at first. She was some sort of mutant super soldier, but he still felt it was important to get her out of harm’s way first. Maybe it was chauvinistic, but it was just the way he was raised. “First lets get you somewhere with less thugs, alright? Then we can figure out what we’re going to do next.”


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